Financial Education in South East Europe


About the project

The South East Europe (SEE) regional project provides technical assistance to design and implement effective financial education initiatives that are adapted to the specific needs of participating countries in South East Europe. The project promotes mutual learning and sharing knowledge and experience in the region. This includes:

  • Gathering evidence to establish the level of financial literacy of the population and to identify priorities and target groups
  • Designing, revising and evaluating National Financial Education Strategies
  • Developing and implementing effective financial education initiatives

The seven countries taking part in the project are Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Republic of North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Romania.

In Focus
Financial Literacy of Adults in South East Europe

Financial Education in South East EuropeThis 2020 report presents the results of a survey of levels of financial literacy in the South East European countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Republic of North Macedonia;, Moldova, Montenegro, and Romania. In addition to calculating globally comparable financial literacy scores, the analysis covers financial inclusion and elements of financial well-being, paying particular attention to attributes of individual financial resilience. The report then makes policy recommendations based on the findings.

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