Financial Education in Uncertain Times - Raising Financial Resilience and Well-Being in South East Europe Annual Meeting


 29-30 September 2022 Geotag for agendaZagreb, Croatia


The annual meeting of the OECD/INFE Technical Assistance Project on Financial Education in South East Europe (SEE), co-hosted by the National Bank of Croatia, concluded the knowledge sharing taking place among key regional and international stakeholders and offered much appreciated networking opportunities enabling participants to exchange experiences and knowledge on common challenges.

The 2022 annual meeting took stock of the work which has taken place under this Technical Assistance Project since its inception in 2018, focusing on the significant progress achieved by each SEE country, but also on the main conclusions stemming from the data collection, publications, capacity building and policy discussions carried out over the last five years.

Participants from the region, together with global financial education experts, and representatives of the Netherlands and the OECD Secretariat reflected on the financial situation of individuals, households and owners/managers of Micro-, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in the context of persisting COVID19 effects, a slowing economy and soaring prices.

Meeting sessions touched on a host of issues identified as a priority by SEE countries, such as financial education for key target audiences (MSMEs, youth and ageing populations), financial education in the workplace, resources for and digital delivery of financial education, as well as the role of culture and behavioural insights in fostering financial literacy, inter alia.


This meeting was part of the Technical Assistance Project for Financial Education in the Constituency Programme of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Finance.






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