Financial education in Tajikistan


This page provides an overview of financial literacy in Tajikistan and access to information relating to the country's financial education activities. Tajikistan is one of the five countries participating in the OECD/Russia Technical Assistance Project on Financial Education in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)/Eurasia.

Financial literacy in Tajikistan

The average literacy score in Tajikistan is 11 (out of a maximum of 21), according to the OECD methodology and survey of 2018 (Levels of Financial Literacy in Eurasia, OECD, 2018). In terms of measuring the financial knowledge, 10 % of adults in this study achieved the minimum target score used elsewhere in OECD reports (minimum target score of 4 out 7). In terms of financial behaviour half of respondents (53%) reach the minimum target score (which is 6 of the 9 behaviours). Tajikistan's Attitude score is low with only 42% displaying attitudes that would reinforce their overall financial literacy.


Tajikistan's National Strategy

In 2020, Tajikistan launched the process of developing the National Strategy of Financial Education in Tajikistan. The National Bank of Tajikistan is the leading body who is responsible for the implementation of the National Strategy of Financial Education in Tajikistan. The OECD is providing technical assistance to the experts of the National Bank of Tajikistan to develop the National Strategy of Financial Education, as part of phase II of CIS TA project. A range of stakeholders from public sector, including the Ministry of education and science, the private sector, civil society and NGOs are involved in the process of works. Strong foundations exist for the development and implementation of the National Strategy for financial education strategy – government commitment and private sector readiness. Financial education is one of the main pillars (focus areas) of NFIS strategy, that emphases the necessity of developing and implementing a National strategy for financial education. The Strategy is expected to be ready in 2021.

Tajikistan's participation in the project

Since 2017, Tajikistan is actively taking part in Technical Assistance project focusing on the Commonwealth of Independent States (TA project for the CIS) provided by the OECD and its International Network on Financial Education (OECD/INFE), with the support of Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation. The TA project for the CIS phase II started in 2020 and running until 2022, is building on the outcomes of phase I and continues providing tailored guidance and technical support for the design, implementation and review of evidence-based financial education strategies and policies in CIS economies including Armenia, Belarus, the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and is extended with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan for some specific deliverables.


Tajikistan participated in the first data gathering survey run by the OECD in 2017 and is currently participating in a second follow-up survey.

Tajikistan actively contributed to the creation of tailored made content for the Policy handbook on financial education in schools and the publication on Financial Literacy Needs of Migrants. The National Bank of Tajikistan co-hosted a Regional Conference and technical workshops on 1) Designing and Implementing a National Strategy for Financial Education and 2) Financial Literacy for Migrants and their Families held on 17-18 September 2019. Additionally, experts from National Bank of Tajikistan and other institutions actively took parts in other events and conferences organised in the framework of the TA assistance project. Tajikistan is also very active in contributing to other activities of the Phase II of the project, such as creation of the regional newsletter or participation in the peer learning activities. 


Project documents and links

The following documents produced within the framework of the project are either specific to Tajikistan or contain a section relating to Tajikistan:



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