G20/OECD-INFE Policy Guidance on Digital Financial Literacy



Date of publication:
24 July 2018 

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The digitalisation of financial products and services, and the consequent need to strengthen digital
financial literacy has become an important component of the global policy-making agenda.

This guidance aims to identify and promote effective initiatives that enhance digital and financial literacy
in light of the unique characteristics, advantages, and risks of digital financial services and channels.

This policy guidance contributed to the Argentinian G20 presidency’s financial inclusion agenda and is for
consideration by policy makers responsible for the implementation and application of key elements of the
OECD/INFE High-level Principles on National Strategies for Financial Education, the G20 Principles for
Innovative Financial Inclusion and the G20 High-level Principles on Digital Financial Inclusion, with respect
to principle 6. 



Andrea Grifoni, Policy Advisor, Consumer Finance, Insurance and Pensions Division