Financial Literacy in Poland: Relevance, evidence and provision


Date of publication
13 September 2022

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13 September 2022 - Countries across the European Union agree that their populations need to develop financial skills to enhance their financial well-being, support financial system stability and ensure inclusive and sustainable economic growth. OECD guidance recommends that governments establish and implement national strategies on financial literacy that are evidence-based and coordinated with other strategies that foster economic and social prosperity and provide a framework for cooperation among all stakeholders on financial education.

This report reviews existing financial education initiatives in Poland, including their coverage and effectiveness when possible. Based on OECD analysis of available research and taking relevant international good practices into account, it identifies financial literacy needs and gaps in financial education provision to support the development of a national strategy for financial education in Poland.

The second phase of the project will entail preparing a proposal for a high-level national strategy for financial education in line with the OECD Council Recommendation on Financial Literacy and an implementation roadmap.


About the project

This work is the result of the cooperation between the OECD (as the support provider) and the institutions of the National Working Group on Financial Education Strategy in Poland, which requested support from the European Commission under the Technical Support Instrument (TSI) Programme. The OECD is the implementing partner of the project. This project is carried out with funding by the European Union via the Technical Support Instrument and in cooperation with the European Commission Directorate General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM). The National Working Group on Financial Education Strategy in Poland is composed of: the Ministry of Finance (MF), the Ministry of Education and Science (MEiN), the National Bank of Poland (NBP), the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF), the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG), the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW), the Central Securities Depository of Poland (KDPW) and the Financial Ombudsman (RF).






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