Governance and decision-making



Quality of public governance is essential to achieve national and international commitments on sustainable and inclusive economic growth, and to ensure equal opportunities and access to services for citizens. In particular, infrastructure investment and delivery are important tools for the economic and social recovery efforts from the COVID-19 crisis. Infrastructure governance will be crucial to ensure that public investments contribute to a sustainable rebound while strengthening infrastructure resilience, in particular for challenges such as climate change and inclusive growth.


Key solutions
  • Align the long-term strategic vision with strategic policy objectives and adapt to uncertain and complex conditions

  • Undertake needs assessment to support decision making and investment

  • Develop robust annual and multiannual capital budgeting to support sustainable investment

  • Strengthen capacities for public investment management and ensure coordination across sectors and levels of government

  • Ensure that the political decision-making process is informed by robust, independent evidence-based analysis

  • Supplement CBA with other methodological tools to accommodate multiple objectives and uses

  • Integrate wider economic impacts in project decision-making for non-marginal or transformative projects

  • Use robust, independent evidence-based analysis to guide the decision on the delivery mode

  • Accelerate infrastructure investments by developing public procurement competencies

  • Align procurement strategies for infrastructure with national long-term priorities

  • Ensure transparent and effective management of procurement operations, including contract management


Documents and links

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 Cost-Benefit Analysis


Implementation and capacity-building

Infrastructure Governance Review of Argentina (2020)

Supporting Better Decision-Making in Transport Infrastructure in Spain: Infrastructure Governance Review (2020) 

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Review of Egypt’s Infrastructure Governance and Delivery Frameworks





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