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The confinements imposed by many countries following the outbreak of COVID-19 have thrown a spotlight on one aspect of the need for affordable, inclusive and ubiquitous high-quality broadband connectivity. Widely available broadband connections with symmetrical download and upload speeds are fundamental to high-quality video calls and remote working.

Enabled by the power of connectivity, digitalisation can promote the efficient use of logistics, productivity, commercial competitiveness and responsiveness, as well as human capital development. While great progress has been made to increase the percentage of people connected and to close connectivity divides in OECD countries, large disparities persist across and within countries. More than this, it is not only important to be connected, but also to be connected well. Differences in the quality of broadband connections translate into user experiences that vary substantially depending on where people live or work and this is a major obstacle to advancing inclusive digital societies. To ensure that everyone benefits from connectivity and nobody is left behind, countries need to work towards achieving ubiquitous high-quality broadband infrastructure. Broadband services need to be affordable to ensure that their availability catalyses adoption. A stable and predictable regulatory framework and effective policies are necessary to foster competition and long-term investment in the broadband connectivity sector.


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