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Dr. Adrian Blundell-Wignall was the Special Advisor to the OECD Secretary-General on Financial Markets and Enterprise Affairs until October 2018.

He is founder and chairman of a charitable foundation (The Anika Foundation) that raises and invests an endowment fund to provide scholarships in a critical area of healthcare.

Mr. Blundell-Wignall is an Australian citizen. He has a 1st class Honours degree and PhD in Economics from Cambridge University, UK.

He is the author of extensive publications on financial markets and monetary policy in learned journals and books, as well as broker analyst studies and reports.

Senior Positions

    • 2014- 2016 Director in the OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs
    • 2007 -2014 Deputy Director in the OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs
    • 2000 - Executive Vice-President, head of Asset Allocation, BT Funds Management
    • 1993 - Head of Derivative Overlays and Levered Products at Bankers Trust Funds Management, building a new $4 billion business
    • 1991 - Head of the Research Department at the Reserve Bank of Australia: directing a department and participating in monetary policy discussions at the internal pre-Board meetings

Early in his career he held economist positions in: the OECD Economics Department, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Economic Planning Advisory Council of Australia.



Articles, speeches and videos

Can better international co-operation help build a fairer global economy?, May 2017

Foreign direct investment, corruption and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, January 2017

Evaluating capital flow management measures used as macro-prudential tools, April 2016

Keeping capital flows orderly, December 2015

Building resilience to climate change risks at the level of cities and SMEs October 2015

The OECD’s Business and Finance Outlook looks at the Greatest Puzzle of Today, May 2015

Infrastructure versus other investments in the global economy and stagnation hypotheses: What do company data tell us?, January 2015

Freedom of choice, bitcoins and legal tender, August 2014

Problems in the International Financial System, August 2014

The Bitcoin Question: Currency versus Trust-less Transfer Technology, June 2014

Bank Business Models and the Separation Issue, November 2013

Bank Business Models and the Basel System: Complexity and Interconnectedness, November 2013

Capital Controls on Inflows, the Global Financial Crisis and Economic Growth: Evidence for Emerging Economies,  November 2013

Macro-prudential Policy, Bank Systemic Risk and Capital Controls, 20 November 2013

Long-term investment, the cost of capital and the dividend and buyback puzzle, May 2013

Bank lending puzzles: Business models and the responsiveness to policy, May 2013

The Liikanen report on banking reform: A good try, but two major flaws, April 2013

Statement by Adrian Blundell-Wignall and Paul Atkinson to the German Bundestag's Finance Committee during the hearing on the draft bank-separation law, April 2013

Cyprus: Further compressing the coiled spring, March 2013

Business Models of Banks, Leverage and the Distance-to-Default, October 2012

Deleveraging, traditional versus capital markets banking and the urgent need to separate GSIFI banks, June 2012

Ratings Agencies Issues: Presentation to the French Senate, presentation to the French Senate on 27 March 2012

Solving Europe's financial crisis, 2 February 2012 (Article published in Bloomberg Brief: Economics Europe)

Solving the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe, February 2012

Bank competition and financial stability, August 2011

Global SIFIs, derivatives and financial stability, June 2011

House of Lords inquiry into credit rating agencies and EU sovereign debt - transcript of evidence, 24 May 2011 

A market perspective on the European sovereign debt and banking crisis, February 2011

The EU Stress Test and Sovereign Debt Exposures, August 2010

Thinking beyond Basel III - Necessary solutions for capital and liquidity, May 2010

The Elephant in the Room: The Need to Deal with What Banks Do, January 2010 

Fixing Finance - Origins of the financial crisis and requirements for reform, New America Foundation, 13 October 2009

The Financial Crisis: Reform and Exit Strategies, September 2009

The financial crisis and the requirements of reform, June 2009

Dealing with the crisis and thinking about the exit strategy, June 2009

The Current Financial Crisis: Causes and Policy Issues, January 2009

The sub-prime crisis: Causal distortions and regulatory reform, Australian Reserve Bank Conference on Lessons from the Financial Turmoil of 2007 and 2008, October 2008

Private equity et capitalisme français, Rapport n°75 du Conseil d’Analyse Economique, 9 July 2008 (in French only) 

Subprime Crisis: Causes, Losses, Deleveraging & Policy, annual meeting of the Committee on Economics Affairs and Development of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, June 2008

Speech on financial market turbulence, June 2008

Sovereign wealth and pension fund issues, May 2008

The subprime crisis: size, deleveraging and some policy options, May 2008

Presentation on Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Issues, Global Pension Summit, China, 28-29 February 2008

Structured Products: Implications for Financial Markets, November 2007

An overview of hedge funds and structured products: Issues in leverage and risk, June 2007

The private equity boom: Causes and policy issues, June 2007

Speech on financial innovation and risks at OECD Forum 2007, 14-15 May 2007



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