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In March 2014, the OECD Council responded positively to Ukraine’s request to strengthen the Organisation’s long-standing co-operation with that country, bringing the OECD's broad expertise to bear in support of deep economic and social reforms. This led to the conclusion later that year of a Memorandum of Understanding on Strengthening Co-operation (the “MoU”) between the OECD and Ukraine. Since then, the MoU has defined the overall framework for co-operation. In February 2021, the two sides agreed to revise and prolong the MoU until 2025.


An Action Plan for MoU implementation was signed in 2015 by the OECD and the Government of Ukraine. It has been revised, most recently in 2019, and will be revised again in 2021 to ensure alignment with new Government priorities.  The Action Plan identifies priority activities to be carried out in three broad areas, namely:

  1. anti-corruption – covering wide anti-corruption issues such as criminal justice, investigation, and prosecution;
  2. governance and Rule of Law – covering issues such as public finance management, regulatory reform, decentralisation & regional development, green growth, education policy and public procurement; and
  3. investment and Business Climate – covering issues such as competitiveness, investment, corporate governance, small and medium enterprise policy and competition.

The different activities may be related to adherence to OECD legal instruments or engagement with OECD bodies, when both the OECD and Ukraine see benefits in this. 

The overall implementation of the OECD-Ukraine MoU falls under the responsibility of the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the OECD Director for Global Relations.

Download the list of OECD publications on Ukraine released since the signing in 2015 of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding between the OECD and Ukraine.

More information on the OECD work on Ukraine here

The activities conducted under the MoU are subject to their inclusion in the Programme of Work and Budget of the OECD and to the availability of funding. The OECD-Ukraine MoU has been implemented since its inception with the financial support of the following OECD members:


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 For more information, please contact:

Ms Gabriela Miranda (
Country Manager for Ukraine
OECD Global Relations


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