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Ukraine Sector Competitiveness Review (2012)

This review of competitiveness and private sector development in the Ukraine includes diagnosis and policy actions for policy makers, offering policy responses to underpin economic diversification and enhance competitiveness.

The Ukraine Sector Competitiveness Strategy outlines reform priorities for three sectors with a high pote‌ntial for attracting investment: agribusiness, machinery and transport manufacturing, and alternative energies.           

Key findings and recommendations include:

‌improving investment policy and promotion, by streamlining for example administrative procedures, or implementing a single-window approach for investors;

 aligning human capital skills with the needs of that sector (e.g. entrepreneurship know-how; financial literacy; and technical skills);

further developing institutional services, such as credit information services, collateral registration, and market information services.

Policy Handbooks

Based on the recommendations of the above Review, sector-specific handbooks were published in July 2012. These Handbooks outline practical steps for policy-makers looking to reform these high-potential sectors, to attract investment and improve those sectors' competitive edge.

Implementing credit guarantee schemes in the agribusiness sector

Unlocking access to finance in Ukraine's agribusiness sector is a key policy priority to improve productivity and attract domestic and foreign investment.

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ukraine education

Enhancing skills through public-private partnerships in education in the agribusiness sector

While Ukraine benefits from several advantages for a prosperous agri- business sector to flourish, several policy barriers need to be overcome.

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Attracting investment in renewable energy

With significant natural endowment, renewable sources of energy can play an important role in meeting Ukraine's energy needs and generating green growth.

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A corporate assessment of Ukraine's state-owned aviation sector: The case of Antonov

Despite a rich history in the sector, there has been a gradual reduction in research and technological potential in Ukraine's aviation industry.

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