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Making policy reform happen


How can policy makers best succeed when seeking to advance policy reform -- not just incremental change? That is an issue OECD has been addressing for a number of year, in many different policy areas. As a contribution to a larger study, Making Reform Happen, a chapter on Making Reform Happen in Environmental Policywas prepared.

The issue of water policy reform was addressed in the report Meeting the Water Reform Challenge, which was released at the 6th World Water Forum in March 2012. Consult Biodiversity, water and natural resource management for additional work on water policies.

There is a growing wealth of experience in reforms that have been carried out, and OECD has launched a series of case studies called “Lessons in Environmental Policy Reform”. The first case study discusses the implementation of a refunded tax on NOx emissions from major combustion plants in Sweden. Additional case studies are under preparation.


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