Environment in emerging and transition economies

Workshop on Emerging Issues of Environmental Management in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA)


An international multi-stakeholder workshop “Environmental Policies, Instruments, and Institutions in EECCA: The Emerging Agenda” will be held on the 13-14 March. Representatives of all major stakeholder groups (government officials, experts, non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, and the business sector) are invited to participate in the workshop. Its organisation is intended to enable an open, structured and result-oriented policy dialogue in order to:

  • Review progress with reform and implementation of environmental policies in EECCA in light of recent economic and social developments; and
  • Identify priority issues of environmental management in EECCA that should be addressed after the Belgrade “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference.

The outcomes of discussions during the workshop will be reported to the 5th Joint Meeting of the EAP Task Force and the Project Preparation Committee (PPC) that will be held on the 15th – 16th March. The workshop conclusions and recommendations will also be reflected in the EECCA Progress Report to the Belgrade Conference.

Meeting Documents

Power Point Presentations:

Session 1. Systemic Challenges of Environmental Management in EECCA

Session 2. Making Environmental Policies and Economic Development Mutually Supportive:

Session 3. Modernising Policy Instruments and Ensuring their Coherent Implementation

Session 4. Strengthening Environmental Governance and Institutional Frameworks

Session 5. Priorities for Future Policy Dialogue and Actions by EECCA Countries: Workshop conclusions



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