Environment in emerging and transition economies

Workshop on Mining and Green Growth in the EECCA region



On 19 April, 2019, the OECD held a workshop on mining and green growth in the Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia (EECCA) region. The workshop is part of a larger project on mining and environmental sustainability in the EECCA region, following the production of a background paper on the same topic.


Mining continues to be an important economic sector in many EECCA countries. At the same time, its environmental impact is significant, and the region continues to grapple with the legacy of environmental damage from historic sites. The workshop brought together representatives of EECCA region countries with experts from international institutions, OECD member states, and other institutions involved in making the mining sector more environmentally sustainable. With the green economy of tomorrow still heavily reliant on different metals, figuring out how to improve the environmental performance of the mining sector is vital.



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