Environment in emerging and transition economies

Water policy and financing


The OECD supports development of strategic financial and investment plans for Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS), and facilitates their integration in key policy documents (e.g. country and sector development strategies, medium term expenditure frameworks). This activity takes the form of National Policy Dialogues(NPDs), an iterative and participative policy process substantiated by robust analytical information, which aims at making reform happen. It ensures that available financial resources are used in the most effective way and facilitates access to additional sources of finance.

The overall objective of NPDs on Financing Urban and/or Rural WSS was the strengthening the capacity of respective Eastern Europe Caucasus and Central Asian countries to plan and implement prioritised water supply and sanitation infrastructure investments, to mobilise and effectively allocate financial resources for reaching water-related he Millennium Development Goals, while ensuring that WSS services are affordable for the population and the public budget.

• Recent NPDs on Financing WSS (implemented since 2007)

• Environmental Financing Strategies - Country Studies