Environment in emerging and transition economies

Regional meeting on progress in achieving the objectives of the EECCA environment strategy, 18-19 May 2006, Kiev


The Regional Meeting on Progress in Achieving the Objectives of the Environment Strategy for countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) was held on the 18th-19th May 2006. It was hosted by the Ministry of Environment of Ukraine and was held at the Hotel Lybid in Kiev (Ukraine). The meeting brought together representatives from EECCA Environment Ministries, international organisations, non-governmental organisations and donor countries.

Main objectives of the meeting:

  • To discuss the structure and content of the 2007 EECCA Strategy Progress Assessment Report (EECCA Report) that is being prepared as an input to the Sixth “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference;
  • To discuss the process of preparing the EECCA report, in particular how EECCA countries can provide and validate country-focused information;
  • To discuss the impacts of the EECCA Environment Strategy as well as ways to improve efforts to achieve the Strategy’s objectives.

Meeting documentation:

Meeting outcomes:

Summary of meeting outcomes (This note reflects main conclusions of the Regional meeting)

For more information about the EECCA Report, please visit the dedicated web-page. For more information about overall efforts to facilitate the EECCA Environment Strategy please visit our web-page.


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