Environment in emerging and transition economies

Peer Review of Environmental Enforcement Agencies in Kyrgyzstan


The review in Kyrgyzstan was the first pilot application of the REPIN Peer Review Scheme. It was carried out at the request of the Ministry of Ecology and Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic by an international team of experts. The review team included the following experts: Julietta Glicyan, Armenia; Toomas Liidja, Estonia; Hans-Roland Lindgren, Sweden; Nurlan Yeskendirov, CAREC; Henk Ruessink, The Netherlands; Angela Bularga, OECD Secretariat; Krzysztof Michalak, OECD Secretariat. Financial support to conduct the Peer Review was provided by the EuropeAid programme of the European Union.
The members of REPIN supported unanimously the recommendations of this Peer Review, summarised in a concise policy document. The review report suggests a number of short- and longer-term steps for reform of domestic compliance assurance instruments, strategies, and institutions in light of good international practice. They also aim to stimulate greater accountability to the general public and international partners. These steps are closely linked with, and support, the implementation of the country’s strategic development objective of adopting a good governance system.