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Water Reforms and National Policy Dialogues (NPDs) in Kazakhstan



Year of NPD launch:  2013

Present NPD Chair and strategic partners in the government: Water Resources Committee (Ministry of Environment and Water Resources), Ministry of Regional Development

Source of NPD funding: European Union, Government of Germany, Government of Norway, Government of Switzerland

Summary of the main areas of work and achievements.

Priority areas of work and main activities

  • Sustainable business models for Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) in rural areas and small towns.
  • Accession to the UNECE-WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health and setting of national targets.
  • Increasing contribution of multi-purpose water infrastructure (MPWI) to economic development, water, food and energy security.
  • State support to agriculture, rural development and water-intensive industries affecting the water sector.
  • Strengthening bilateral cooperation with neighbouring countries on the use of transboundary watercourses.


National Policy Dialogues (NPDs)

Following the request by Kazakhstan in 2010 to initiate an national policy dialogue on water, and preparatory work conducted in 2012, the NPD process started in the country in 2013. Several achievements through NPD process can be cited:

  • State programme for Water Management to 2040 was commented by OECD and UNECE.
  • The OECD-Kazakhstan cooperation programme was signed in 2015.
  • Kazakh-Russian bilateral committee on transboundary waters decided to launch a joint assessment on Ural river and Kigac tributary of Volga river.

The following meetings and missions have been taking place to assist Kazakhstan in the NPD process:

Name of the meeting Date and place LoP Agenda Minutes
7th NDP Steering Committee Meeting 14 December 2022, Astana LoP (RUS) Agenda (RUS) Minutes (RUS)
6th NPD Steering Committee Meeting 20 November 2020,   -  - -
5th NPD Steering Committee Meeting 12 July 2017, Astana LoP Agenda
4th NPD Steering Committee Meeting 30-31 May 2016, Borovoe - Agenda Minutes
3rd NPD Steering Committee Meeting 15 May 2015, Astana - Agenda Minutes
2nd NPD Steering Committee Meeting 14 October 2014, Astana LoP Agenda Minutes
1st NPD Steering Committee Meeting 21 June 2013, Astana LoP Agenda Minutes

Project Progress:

Kazakhstan EUWI timeline NPD till 2016 


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