Environment in emerging and transition economies

National green economy dialogues and strategies


GREEN Action Task Force leads its activity through national dialogues and annual meetings.


It supports the organisation of national high-level cross-ministerial policy dialogues (1-2 times/year) on promoting green economic development in interested countries. The GREEN Action Platform has already been launched in Kazakhstan and in Georgia (led-by UN Environment) and dialogues are planned in other countries, depending on country interest (currently in discussion with Kyrgyzstan) and available funding.

In the EaP countries, OECD may support UN Environment leading work under the EU4Environment Initiative which will continue to assist governments with the establishment of national inter-ministerial coordination platforms/working groups on green economy where appropriate.

The Annual Meetings serve as a platform for an annual review of progress, exchange of country experiences and country-level projects with other countries and building consensus on future priorities.

In many partner countries the capacity of public administration proves to be a major obstacle for green growth reforms. This relates to the capacity of environmental ministries to draft policies and regulations, to oversee the implementation at the sub-national level, and to co-ordinate green initiatives with sectorial ministries.

The activities aims to work with individual countries to develop plans for human and institutional capacity building, subject to country interest and available financial resources.

Interventions  includes, for example, assessment of administrative capacity in the environmental sector, benchmarking, provision of advice, and, if feasible, establishing and making sustainable “policy and reform” support units that can combine the knowledge of local conditions in conjunction with international experience, and the catalytic role of international assistance. SIGMA’s Principles of Public Administration and experience from the establishment of the Reform Support Teams in Ukraine will be used as guidance.

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