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EaP GREEN: Regional meeting on greening SMEs - 12 February 2015, Kiev (Ukraine)


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Reducing the environmental impact of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through achieving and going beyond environmental compliance in both manufacturing and services is a key success factor in greening the economy. Improving the environmental performance is also a significant business opportunity for SMEs themselves as important suppliers of goods and services. 

This expert meeting focused on promoting a better environmental performance of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the six partner countries of EaP GREEN programme (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). Representatives of these countries’ ministries of environment and economy, business associations and experts from OECD/EU and EaP countries attended. 

The objective of the meeting was to:

  • Discuss the draft SME Greening Guide for the EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries prepared by the OECD secretariat [Olis reference number: ENV/EPOC/EAP(2014)5]. This document, once finalised, aims to help the EaP countries design and implement key instruments to promote environmental compliance and green business practices among SMEs.
  • Share international experience of the design and implementation of specific instruments – regulatory, information-based and economic – to promote SME greening.
  • Discuss progress in country-specific activities and next steps.

Meeting documents

  • Agenda: in English, in Russian
  • Summary record: in English, in Russian (this document will be posted shortly)


Green Action Plan for SMEs and other relevant EU initiatives - Laura Giappichelli, European Commission
SME Greening Guide: Policy instruments to promote better environmental performance - Eugene Mazur, OECD 
Importance of SMEs in greening the economy in Georgia - Teimuraz Murgulia, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection, Georgia
Successful interventions for improving environmental performanceof small businesses in Scotland - Gillian Bruce, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, UK
Mobilizing SMEs to “green”: Experiences and lessons with Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production - René van Berkel, UNIDO
Promoting better environmental performance of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Armenia - Lilit Apujanyan, SME Development National Center of Armenia 
Key issues in the context of the pilot project in Moldova - Anastasia Vacarciuc, Ministry of Economy, Moldova 
The potential role of business associations in promoting green business practices among SMEs in Ukraine - Vyacheslav Bykovets, SME Association of Ukraine (in Russian only)

The project on SME greening is conducted within the framework of the “Greening Economies in the Eastern Neighbourhood” (EaP GREEN) Programme which is financially supported by the European Commission and other donors, and implemented by the OECD in partnership with the UNEP, UNIDO and UNECE. It includes a regional component to prepare an SME Greening Guide and pilot projects in several EaP countries. Sso far, pilots have been launched in Armenia, Moldova and Ukraine.


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