Environment in emerging and transition economies

National meetings under EUWI+ Programme


24 February 2021, Minsk, Belarus 

Expert Consultation Meeting on "Assessment of possibilities and developing recommendations on priorities of surface water resources use for irrigation and melioration in a pilot area of Belarus"

The expert consultation meeting was held to present and discuss key findings and draft recommendations of a pilot study undertaken to assess opportunities for using fresh surface water resources for irrigation and melioration or for restoring wetlands in pilot area of Belarus (3 rayons of Gomel oblast). Participants representing a wide range of interested stakeholders shared views on perspectives of surface water use for the afore mentioned purposes in the pilot rayons, as well as replication potential of the pilot study in Belarus and beyond. 

24 October 2019, Chisinau, Moldova

Expert Meeting on "Improving the use of economic instruments for managing water resources and water management systems in the Republic of Moldova (RM)"

The expert meeting was organised to review the results of the assessment of economic instruments for managing water resources and water management systems in the Republic of Moldova and ways to improve their use. The participants debated the approaches to compensation for damage and harm to water resources and facilities as a result of water legislation violation. The participants discussed the progress of the preparation of training materials on economic instruments for managing water resources and facilities, and water management systems in the Republic of Moldova.

11 September 2019, Lviv, Ukraine A second round-table discussion on strategising the water sector reform in Ukraine

The participants took stock of progress in developing the water supply and sanitation strategy of Ukraine, and its harmonisation with the national water resources strategy, which are being developed by two different line ministries. It was a follow up to a workshop organised in July 2019 and the workshops were organised in Lviv to attract a wide range of stakeholders and participants to share views.

09 July 2019, Lviv, Ukraine

Workshop on Strategising the water sector reform in Ukraine

The participants discussed the progress in approximation towards the European Union’s Water Directives in Ukraine and the recent progress in developing new water legislation and policies aligned with the European Union’s Water acquis in Ukraine. The workshop considered Ukraine’s current water challenges, its long-term national and international commitments and the existing strategic and policy framework. Participants  debated the affordability and implementability of the current plans, benefits for citizens and proposed alternative pathways to engage political support and audiences outside of the water and environment communities.

28-29 March 2019, Baku, Azerbaijan

Round-table workshop on developing the Azerbaijan national water strategy

The meeting was delivered as part of the EUWI+ project and involved participation of 25 people representing different ministries and agencies to discuss the status and progression on the national water strategy.

14 March 2019, Chisinau, Moldova

1 day training workshop on new design norms and sustainable business models for rural Water Supply and Sanitation

The event was attended by 24 officers and experts from Moldova line ministries concerned with rural water management. This was organised as part of the EUWI+ project. 

13-14 February 2019, Minsk, Belarus

Workshop on rural Water Supply and Sanitation and national indicators for monitoring progress towards SDG 6 in Belarus

The event was organised as a side event framework of the international water conference in Minsk, Belarus. The event was attended by was attended by 50+ people from Belarus, Germany and various EECCA countries. National partners from Belarus, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan shared relevant experience and the OECD presented recent work on sustainable business models.



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