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2007 Progress Assesment


Assessing Progress in Achieving the Objectives of the EECCA Environment Strategy


At the Kiev "Environment for Europe" Ministerial Conference in 2003 Ministers asked the OECD EAP Task Force to assess the progress of EECCA countries in achieving the EECCA Environment Strategy’s objectives, based on information provided by EECCA countries, and in cooperation with international organisations. In 2004 the OECD EAP Task Force Secretariat prepared a Report taking stock of current environmental conditions and policies as to establish a baseline to assess progress. The report served as the main analytical input to the EECCA Environment Ministers meeting that took place in Tbilisi in October 2004.


The objective of this project is to deliver to Environment Ministers of the pan-European region a concise, up-to-date, fact-based assessment of the progress that EECCA countries have made since the adoption of the EECCA Environment Strategy in achieving its objectives.

Following the guidance of EECCA countries and international partners, the corresponding EECCA Strategy Progress Assessment report (EECCA Report) will attempt to track policy responses and provide examples of successful ones.

A major effort will be made to actively involve relevant parties in the preparation of the report. The assessment will be undertaken in cooperation with relevant international organizations – including the EECCA RECs, the World Bank, WHO, UNEP and UNECE. It will actively involve EECCA countries, through the Ministries of Environment and environmental civil society organizations, in the design, data collection, analysis and review. And it will be closely coordinated with the EEA Belgrade Assessment report.

Main activities and outputs


  • Preparation of the Stocktaking Report on "Environmental Management in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia"



  • Publication of the final version of the Stocktaking Report both in English and Russian languages 
  • Organization of an Expert Meeting in February 2005 to seek the input of international organizations in the design of the progress assessment report 
  • Preparation of a background paper on analytical tools for tracking environmental policy responses 
  • Organization of three sub-regional meetings (in Russian) in May-June 2005 to seek the input of EECCA countries in the design of the EECCA Report 
  • Provision of input to the preparation of the European Environment Agency’s Belgrade Assessment.



  • Preparation of a report outline, a timetable and design of a dedicated questionnaire 
  • Organization of a Regional Meeting to seek the feedback of EECCA countries on the outline of the EECCA Report and questionnaire 
  • Coordination of inputs from international organizations and other stakeholders 
  • Analysis of available thematic reports 
  • Analysis of country responses to the questionnaire and preparation of the country profiles. 
  • Preparation of first draft of the report.



  • Organization of peer review of the draft EECCA Report 
  • Finalization and publication of the EECCA Report.


Contact information

For additional information please contact:

Mr. Roberto Martin-Hurtado

OECD Environment Directorate-Non Member Countries Division
Address: 2, rue André Pascal, 75775 Paris Cédex 16, France
Tel.: [33] (0)1 - 45-24-14-27
Fax: [33] (0)1 - 44-30-61-83


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