Environmental indicators, modelling and outlooks

OECD Work on Material Flows and Resource Productivity



OECD countries are collectively the biggest users of natural resources in the world and the environmental, economic and social consequences of the production and consumption of these resources and of related economic activities extend far beyond their borders.
The issue of efficient management of natural resources has become part of sustainable development strategies and/or environmental plans of many OECD countries, and is supported with initiatives to promote waste prevention policies and integrated product policies.
Reflecting country concerns, the OECD Environmental Strategy for the First Decade of the 21st Century includes two objectives closely related to the efficiency of resource management:

  • Maintaining the integrity of ecosystems through the efficient management of natural resources
  • Decoupling environmental pressure from economic growth


In addition, OECD work on material flows supports the implementation of the recommendation on material flows and resource productivity adopted by OECD Environment Ministers and the OECD Council in April 2004 as well as contributing to the organisation's horizontal programme on sustainable development.