Environmental indicators, modelling and outlooks

OECD environmental data and indicators


As international concern about global environment and sustainable development becomes more pressing, government, business and the public all need reliable and harmonised data on the environment.

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There are three different ways to access the OECD environmental data by theme, depending on your needs:



The OECD data portal makes it easier to find, understand, compare and share OECD data. It features more than 200 frequently-requested indicators, including environmental data on: 





The OECD's online library is a gateway to OECD analysis and data.


Policies and measures

Natural resources



For advanced searches, data queries, and access to complete notes and metadata, users can access directly 
OECD.Stat, the OECD statistical database




"Green and growth go very well together".

chart the progress that countries make in four areas: environmental and resource productivity, natural asset base, environmental quality of life, economic opportunities and policy responses. 


Database on instruments used for environmental policy

Information on environmentally related taxes, fees and charges, tradable permit systems, deposit refund systems, environmentally motivated subsidies and voluntary approaches used in environmental policy in OECD member countries and partners.

data by country






Compare OECD member countries for CO2 emissions, municipal waste, water abstraction, taxation, and now climate change mitigation policies and share or embed the results. 


work in progress

Greening productivity measurement

What if productivity measurement could reflect more accurately a country’s economic performance? Measurements could take into account the reliance of our economies on natural resources. Even better, our efforts to mitigate environmental damage could be fully considered. This requires a new approach to measuring productivity. The OECD introduces environmentally adjusted multifactor productivity.


Analysing data on protected areas 

The OECD is developing a method to report a more detailed and
harmonised account of countries’ terrestrial and marine protected areas.
It applies a harmonised methodology to data from the World Database
on Protected Areas.


publications on environmental data



Environment at a glance: OECD indicators provides a snap-shot of environmental policy based on data and indicators. Consult our fully digital plaform to visualise, compare and download the latest data.



GGI 2017 cover

Green Growth Indicators 2017 updates and extends the green growth indicators presented in the 2014 and 2011 editions. It charts the progress that OECD countries and G20 economies have made since 1990. The 2017 edition places greater emphasis on productivity gains and on the role of policy action, with enriched analysis on environmentally related taxes and subsidies, technology and innovation, and international financial flows. 



 Environmental performance reviews are in-depth assessments of the environmental policies and programmes of OECD and key partner countries.

 Each environmental review gives direct access to all the graphs and data contained in the reports. 







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