Environment: The Slovak Republic should integrate environment into its economic development


10/11/2011 - As the Slovak Republic strives to increase productivity and competitiveness in the recovery from the financial crisis, the OECD Environmental Performance Review of the Slovak Republic recommends that it strengthen environmental policies and institutions, promoting green growth to help achieve its economic goals.


The Slovak Republic has made major progress in protecting the environment and enhancing its citizens’ quality of life over the past decade. Its environmental achievements include: reducing emissions of most air pollutants during a period of fast economic growth; significantly improving the efficiency of water, energy and material use; improving industries’ environmental performance; and promoting biodiversity conservation in central Europe.


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The report also identifies a range of challenges: unhealthily high pollution in some urban centers; dangerous and costly floods; high reliance on landfill for waste disposal; and among the highest consumption of energy and carbon per unit of GDP of any OECD country.


The OECD Environmental Performance Review of the Slovak Republic makes 35 recommendations including:

  • Develop a new environmental strategy as an integral part of Slovakia’s economic and social development planning.
  • Improve general innovation capacity, including promoting eco-innovation.
  • Draw up a coherent framework to develop and implement climate, energy and transport policies.
  • Make environmentally-related taxes more efficient and effective.
  • Strengthen dialogue and co-operation with business, NGOs and other stakeholders.
  • Better target environmental outcomes when designing support schemes for agriculture and rural development.

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