OECD Data for Climate Action


OECD – Paris, 20 April 2021

The OECD repository of climate-related indicators brings together the latest international data and indicators on the environmental, economic, financial and social dimensions of climate change. The repository responds to the growing need for robust data to help countries design and implement effective policies to achieve net-zero emissions and contribute to a green recovery.

“The OECD has been working for decades on environmental, social and economic indicators. We are mainstreaming climate across every area of our work. This week, we are launching an expanded version of our Environment at a Glance platform, which gives access to about 50 climate-related indicators, interactive graphics and key messages on major environmental issues,” said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría.

The data range from greenhouse gas emissions and their drivers, to climate related impacts on the environment and well-being, and measures taken to achieve climate goals and seize the opportunities provided by a low-carbon economy. Bringing together data from OECD, IEA, ITF and other international sources in a single repository aims to facilitate their access and use. The data can be explored by country, source and sector, including detail on the factors driving emissions and individual country policies including carbon pricing, fossil fuel subsidies, innovation, investment in renewable energy and financial flows. More than 50 indicators are displayed for OECD countries and, when possible, with a global country coverage. Time series for 1990-2019 can be visualised in maps and charts.


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