Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation

Clean Energy Finance and Investment Mobilisation (CEFIM) activities


CEFIM is an OECD programme supporting investment and finance in clean energy in emerging economies. Programme activities are designed according to the specific needs of each country, and can include the following:


 1. Clean energy finance and investment review

  • Undertake a holistic analysis of key policy areas that affect the finance and investment environment for clean energy.

  • Identify unintended effects of changes in one policy area on another.

  • Understand how one policy area can reinforce another.

 2. Implementation support activities


  • Provide ad-hoc analytical support for policy development and design of instruments.
  • Strengthen capacity through trainings, workshops, or secondment.


3. In-country investor dialogues

  • Facilitate matchmaking opportunities by bringing together investors, project developers and policy makers.



4. Sharing best practices and scaling-up investment

  • Support peer learning across the region to identify common challenges and share best practice.

  • Apply OECD expertise and lessons learned from the clean energy finance and investment review and implementation support activities.

  • Co-ordinate action with development partners, international and domestic investors, NGOs, think tanks and research centers.


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The CEFIM programme



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