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In order to support the implementation of the (2008) OECD Council Recommendation on Resource Productivity [C(2008)40], a Global Forum on Environment focusing on Sustainable Materials Management was held on 25-27 October 2010 in Mechelen, Belgium. The Forum discussed the key challenges of SMM and the policy measures that need to be undertaken to implement the SMM approach, based on a number of SMM policy papers and case studies.

These have been published and are available to download:

Materials case studies:

Policy reports:


The work on SMM is carried out in close collaboration with the OECD programme on material flows and resource productivity that includes the establishment of a common knowledge base to enable sound fact-based Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and to inform related policy discussions, such as SMM.

The work on SMM is also closely linked to an OECD project on Eco-innovation and Sustainable Manufacturing. Innovation in technologies and how it is applied are key to enabling industry to create new business values while also benefiting  people and the planet. In recent years, manufacturing companies have been re-directing their efforts towards sustainable manufacturing to integrate approaches that take into account the product’s life-cycle impacts (


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