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The Political Economy of Environmentally Related Taxes


The Political Economy of Environmentally Related Taxes

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Environmentally related taxes are increasingly used in OECD countries, and ample and increasing evidence of their environmental effectiveness is now available. However, there remains a high potential for wider use of these environmental policy instruments, provided that they are well designed and that their potential impact on international competitiveness and income distribution are properly addressed.

Based on experience in OECD countries, this book provides a comprehensive discussion of these issues and of recent research on the environmental and economic impacts of applying environmentally related taxes. In particular, it looks at how to overcome obstacles to their implementation. It also discusses the environmental and economic effects of combining such taxes with other instruments for environmental policy.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction, Background and Main Findings
Chapter 2. Current Use of Environmentally Related Taxes
Chapter 3. Environmental Effectiveness
Chapter 4. The Sectoral Competitiveness Issue - Theoretical Studies
Chapter 5. The Sectoral Competitiveness Issue - Border Tax Adjustments
Chapter 6. The Sectoral Competitiveness Issue - Ex Post Studies
Chapter 7. Impacts on Income Distribution
Chapter 8. Administrative Costs
Chapter 9. Enhancing Public Acceptance
Chapter 10. Environmentally Related Taxes Used in Instrument Mixes
Technical Annex - Estimation of Price Elasticities


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