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The links below are to websites which have information about application technologies and their potential to reduce off-target spray drift.  These technologies may include spray nozzles, larger equipment such as shielded sprayers, vegetation buffers, and spray adjuvants.  Links to such information may also appear under the category Studies.


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Health and Safety Executive, Chemicals Regulation Directorate (Pesticides)

Advice to Manufacturers of low drift spray equipment








US EPA is developing a new voluntary program, the Drift Reduction Technology (DRT) Program which will encourage the development, marketing, and use of application technologies verified to significantly reduce spray drift.  EPA expects this program to be operative in 2010.  The DRT Program will enable manufacturers of pesticide application technologies (e.g., spray nozzles) to voluntarily test their technologies using a standard test protocol to verify the drift reduction potential.  EPA will encourage pesticide registrants to include the use of these verified technologies in product label use directions; in doing so EPA can credit this use in risk assessment and risk management decisions.  More information about this program, including the draft test protocol is available at the following website.





CASA (Crop Adapted Spray Applications) system - ISAFRUIT EU project


"Environmentally-Dependent Application System (EDAS) for safer spray application in fruit growing"


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