Biodiversity, water and natural resource management

OECD Environment Papers related to biodiversity and water


2023 Watered down? Investigating the financial materiality of water-related risks in the financial system, Working Paper


Identifying and assessing subsidies and other incentives harmful to biodiversity, Working Paper 


Strategic Investment Pathways for resilient water systems, Working Paper


Biodiversity, Natural Capital and the Economy: A policy guide for finance, economic and environment ministers, Policy Paper


Enhancing the effectiveness of sub-national biodiversity policy: Practices in France and Scotland, United Kingdom, Policy Paper


Financing water security for sustainable growth in Asia and the Pacific, Working Paper 

2020 Addressing the social consequences of tariffs for water supply and sanitation, Working Paper

2018 Sustainable financing for marine ecosystem services in Mauritania and Guinea-Bissau, Policy Paper

2017 Reforming agricultural subsidies to support biodiversity in Switzerland – Country Study, Policy Paper

  Sustaining Iceland’s fisheries through tradeable quotas – Country Study, Policy Paper


Indicators on Terrestrial and Marine Protected Areas: Methodology and Results for OECD and G20 countries, Working Paper


Key Ingredients, Challenges and Lessons from Biodiversity Mainstreaming in South Africa, Policy Paper


Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment, Policy Paper


Key Ingredients, Challenges and Lessons from Biodiversity Mainstreaming in South Africa, Policy Paper


The Lake Taupo Nitrogen Market in New Zealand: A Review for Policy Makers, Policy Paper


The Economic Feedbacks of Loss of Biodiversity and Ecosystems ServicesWorking Paper


Biodiversity Policy Response Indicators, Working Paper


Water and Innovation for Green Growth - Policy Perspectives


The Role of National Ecosystem Assessments in Influencing Policy Making, Working Paper


A Framework for Financing Water Resources Management - In Brief


Alternative Ways of Supplying Water: Emerging Options and their Policy Implications


Policies towards a Sustainable Use of Water in Spain


Promoting Biodiversity Co-Benefits in Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD)



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