Biodiversity, water and natural resource management

OECD Expert Meeting on “Water Economics and Financing” Paris, 15-17 March 2010


“Over 80 representatives of water authorities from OECD and non-OECD countries as well as international experts on water economics and water financing exchanged experiences and provide expert input to two on-going OECD water projects. In addition, the meeting provided an opportunity to inform participants about other projects within the current OECD water programme and to elicit feedback on the proposed OECD water programme for 2011-2012. During the meeting, the OECD Secretary-General launched three new OECD publications on water – on the topics of water pricing, innovative financing mechanism and agricultural water management.

The meeting was structured in two parts:

  • Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th focused on the topic of financing water resources management. The discussion were informed by a Background Note on Financing Water Resources Management and a number of case studies from OECD and developing countries. The discussions will be reflected in a report on Financing Water Resources Management, to be published in early 2011.

  • Wednesday 17th focused on the topic of the economic benefits of water management. The discussions were informed by a draft report that synthesises information from the literature on the benefits of water supply and sanitation.  This OECD report is expected to be published in late 2010.”





Sessions on  Financing Water Resources Management

SESSION 2. Introduction to financing water resources management

Overview and reflections on the EU case (Pierre Strosser, ACTeon)

SESSION 3. Policy frameworks for financing water resources management

Introduction by the session Chair (Pierre Strosser, ACTeon)
Fausto Medel (CONAGUA, Mexico)
Ricardo Segura (Ministry of Environment, Spain)
Guy Pegram (Pegasys, South Africa)
A. K. Bajaj (Central Water Commission, India)

SESSION 4.  Identifying the financing needs

Introduction by the session Chair (Mike Muller, Global Water Partnership)
Ivo Kokrment (Water Management Development and Construction joint stock company, Czech Rep.)
David Lloyd Owen (Envisager)
Martin Geiger (WWF Germany)

SESSION 5. Reducing the costs of achieving policy objectives

Introduction by the session Chair (Josefina Maestu, UNDESA)
Javier Fernández Pereira (Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero, Spain)
Patrick Thomas (ANA, Brazil)
Giulio Boccaletti (McKinsey)

SESSION 6. Increasing financial resources from users and beneficiaries

Introduction by the session Chair (Jonathan Fisher,  Environment Agency, UK)
Rob van der Veeren (Centre for Water Management, Netherlands)
Yoonhee Cho (Ministry of Environment, Korea) and Ryu MunHyun (K-Water)
Malinne Blomberg (African Water Facility)

SESSION 7.  Improving the allocation of public resources

Introduction by the session Chair (Jim Winpenny, Consultant)
Alexis Rouque (Cour de Comptes, France)
Mugisha Shillingi (Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda)
Ravinder Malik (International Water Management Institute)

SESSION 8. Special Address by the OECD Secretary General

Water and economics: A policy perspective (Angel Gurría, OECD)

SESSION 9. Financing water resources management – Main messages and information gaps

Introduction by the session Chair (Roberto Martín-Hurtado, OECD)
Mike Muller (Global Water Partnership)

 Sessions on the Economic Benefits of Water Management

SESSION 10. Introduction to the economic benefits of water management

Overview and reflections on the benefits of water supply and sanitation policies (Sophie Trémolet, Consultant)

SESSION 11. Making the economic case – improved access to water supply and sanitation services

Introduction by the session Chair (Jamie Bartram)
Guy Hutton (Consultant)
Sheila Olmstead (Yale University, USA)
Jacques Labre (Suez)

SESSION 12. Making the economic case –improved water quality

Introduction by the session Chair (Olivier Bommelaer, Ministry of Sustainable Development, France)
Anita Payne (European Commission)
Sam Ekstrand (IVL, Sweden)

SESSION 13. Making the economic case – flood management and productive uses of water

Introduction by the session Chair (Alan Hall, Global Water Partnership)
Jonathan Fisher (Environment Agency, UK)
Coralie Noël (Office Internationale de l’Eau, France)
Josefina Maestu (UNDESA)

SESSION 14. The benefits of water management – putting the pieces together and need for future work

Introduction by the session Chair (Peter Borkey, OECD)
Summary (Sophie Trémolet, Consultant)


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