OECD work and the EU Water Initiative

Key OECD-EUIW+ events


Annual meetings and Steering Committees are organised as a platform by the GREEN Action Task Force where OECD, representatives from in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asian countries, partners from International Organisations and interested stakeholders meet to report on the progress made of on-going projects and discuss future plans.

These meetings present a very good opportunity to sum up the results, review on-going activities, share the experience of national policies and programmes and set new objectives.

Regionally, a Project Steering Committee will take stock of progress in implementing planned activities, review products and results, discuss objectives, on-going progress, issues related to visibility and communication of annual work plans for all EUWI+ 6 countries. 


Latest events 


 Information about National meetings can be found here.

  • Events for the GREEN Action Task Force can be found here.


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