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World 'on collision course with nature', OECD green growth report warns, 5 December 2012, The Guardian

Asian Cities’ Air Quality Getting Worse, Experts Warn, 5 December 2012, The New York Times

OECD's Traffic Light Indicator for Biodiversity is Red, 9 August 2012, Forbes

Perverse government subsidies impede sustainable business, 16 May 2012, The Guardian (blog)

Emerging Platforms Support Water Trading Around the World, 26 April 2012, Forbes

More action needed sooner on climate change, 16 April 2012, World Nuclear News

Environment Minister Yoo chairs OECD Environment Ministerial, 9 April 2012, Industry & Technology Times

Rising concern on climate change, 24 March 2012, Washington Post

Human cost of inaction incalculable, 21 March 2012, The Age/The Sydney Morning Herald (Article & video)

The rising demands on our planet's resources require policy action, 21 March 2012, The Age

Environmental Traffic Lights, 19 March 2012, BBC World Service (17-minutes long video)

OECD predicts more frequent, severe storms by 2050 in the absence of more aggressive climate policies, 19 March 2012, Canadian Underwriter

Preserving environment is imperative, says OECD, 19 March 2012, Energy Live News

Death stalks us in the air, says OECD in its outlook, 17 March 2012, Sydney Morning Herald/The Age

Air pollution bigger threat than dirty water, 17 March 2012, Pakistan Today

Environmental crunch worse than thought, 16 March 2012, AFP

Air pollution a 'global killer', 16 March 2012, Xinhua

Brave Polluted World, 15 March 2012, CBC News-TV (3-minutes long video)

OECD Predicts 'Grim' Outlook for Global Environment by 2050, 15 March 2012, Business Week/Bloomberg

What's going to kill us in 2050? Air pollution — and lots of it, 5 March 2012, Washington Post

Air pollution 'will become bigger global killer than dirty water, 15 March 2012, The Guardian

OECD Warns of Ever-Higher Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 15 March 2012, The New York Times

Emissions set to surge 50 pct by 2050: OECD, 15 March 2012, Chicago Tribune/Times of India/Reuters

Emissions set to surge 50% by 2050: OECD, 15 March 2012, The Times of India

Top 10 alarming environmental warnings and OECD demands immediate green action to avoid 'grim' future, 15 March 2012, Business Green

OECD report warns of catastrophic environmental changes to come, 15 March 2012, Radio Canada International

Air pollution deaths 'to increase', 15 March 2012, The Press Association

OECD chief calls for coordination in water management, 14 March 2012, Xinhua

A hard, dry future for the planet, 12 March 2012, The Independent

Farmers to Battle Water Scarcity as Food Demand Grows, UN Says, 12 March 2012, Bloomberg

World Water Forum will pander to corporate self-interest, say critics, 12 March 2012, the Guardian

Climate, food pressures require rethink on water-UN, 11 March 2012, Reuters

Korea Faces Highest Risk of Water Shortage in OECD, 8 March 2012, The Chosunilbo

Daily chart Talking about the weather, 7 March 2012, The Economist

Durban climate change outcome welcomed, 12 December 2011, New Zealand

Pacific region mapped for climate change, 25 November 2011, ABC News

OECD warns of catastrophic climate change, 25 November 2011, Irish Times

OECD: World must act to cut CO2 emissions, 24 November 2011, Reuters Africa

Time running out for deal on global warming at climate talks, 25 November 2011, Reuters

Support R&D to adapt to climate change, says OECD report, 25 November 2011, Sci Dev Net

Market Backed to tackle carbon, 25 November 2011, The Australian

Greenhouse cuts are not enough, says UN report, 25 November 2011, The Sydney Morning Herald

OECD: Climate delay means higher cost, 25 November 2011, The Sydney Morning Herald

OECD push for price on carbon, 25 November 2011, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age

Delaying measures against anthropic climate change will mean higher costs, 24 November 2011, ZME Science


La planète brûle, et ils regardent ailleurs, 7 April 2012, Le Monde

La situation environnementale en... 2050 ! 22 mars 2012, Radio Canada

Environnement : Agir maintenant ou assumer les coûts élevés de l'inaction, prévient l’OCDE, 19 mars 2012, AFP

Publication d'un rapport sur les Perspectives de l'environnement à l'horizon 2050, 18 mars 2012, 985FM Canada (9-minute long)

"Faire en sorte que polluer coûter plus cher" que protéger la planète, 15 mars 2012, TF1, Les Echos, AFP

Forum mondial de l'eau : Fillon annonce une aide de 50 millions d'euros, 12 mars 2012, Le

Forum mondial de l'eau : comment gérer la croissance de la consommation ? 12 mars 2012, RFI (1:14 minute long)

L´OCDE s´attend à un doublement des émissions de gaz à effet de serre, 24 November 2011, l'AGEFI

L'OCDE appelle au "courage politique" dans la lutte contre le changement climatique, 25 Novemberr 2011, Radio Chine Internationale

Climat/CO2: plus on attend pour agir, plus ça coûtera cher, 24 November 2011, Les Échos


Doemrapporten maken mensen murw, 7 April 2012,

De wereld voor niks verbeteren, nee toch, 4 April 2012, NRC Netherlands (Blog)


Umweltausblick 2050 Weltuntergangsstimmung bei der OECD, 16 März 2012, Die Zeit

OECD-Studie-Warum bis 2050 der ökologische Kollaps droht, 16 März 2012, Berliner Morgenpost

Wenn Feinstaub zum Tode führt, 16 März 2012,

OECD-Umweltausblick fordert schnelles und koordiniertes Handeln, 16 März 2012, Sonnenseite

OECD warnt die Welt vor ökologischem Kollaps, 15 März 2012, Welt

Die OECD wagt eine Prognose zur Lage der Umwelt im Jahr 2050, 15 März 2012, DRadio (3:50 minute long)

Das Nichtstun wird immer teurer, Neues Deutschland, 25 Nov. 2011


Clima: Ocse, agire subito contro Co2, dopo costera' di piu', 26 Nov. 2011,

Clima. Ocse: Più tardi si agisce contro cambiamento, più costa, 24 November 2011, La Stampa (Blog)



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Spanish (on-line articles not available)

Gases contaminantes crecerán 50%: OECD, 21 Marzo 2012, Excelsoir

Reta cambio climatic proyectos hídricos, 19 Marzo 2012, Reforma

OCDE prompone impuestos ambientales, 16 Marzo 2012, Mas por Mas

Magro crecimiento ante emergentes: OCDE, 16 Marzo 2012 , Cronica

OCDE prevé desastre Urge inverter contra contaminatión, 16 Marzo 2012, 24 Horas

Se duplicará la emissión de gases: OCDE, 16 Marzo 2012, Rumbo de Mexico