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Global Forum on Environment: Mainstreaming Gender and Empowering Women for Environmental Sustainability


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5-6 March 2020
OECD Paris
Global Forum

This OECD Global Forum on Environment focused on "Mainstreaming Gender and Empowering Women for Environmental Sustainability". It identified and proposed ways to capitalise on synergies between environmental policies and economic and social goals, such as achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment.

It highlighted gender specific impacts of environmental degradation and discussed how a gender lens could reduce the overall environmental footprint.

The two-day Forum brought together policy makers and experts from OECD Member and Partner countries to share best practices and to discuss policy challenges. Representatives from business, inter-governmental organisations, research centres, civil society organisations and relevant institutions were invited to join the discussions.

Session topics

This Global Forum on Environment reviewed selected environment-related sectors and policies through a gender and inclusiveness lens, including:

  • Environmental impacts on health and well-being
  • Infrastructure development, including transport, city and settlement design
  • Consumption patterns, circular economy and waste management
  • Biodiversity, agriculture and fisheries
  • Green energy and a “just transition”
  • Environmental justice and the empowerment of women and youth.

Participants had an opportunity to discuss needed transformations at global, national and local levels to achieve both environmental and gender equality goals.

Agenda & Who's Who and Issues Notes


Speakers's presentations per session


The individual speakers' presentations are highlighted below by session:


  • Session 1 - High level Scoping Panel



  • Session 2 - Integrating gender into environmental policies: Data and evidence challenge

Lisa Grace Bersales
, Professor of Statistics, Philippines

Helen Kearney
, Senior Manager,
Equal Measures 2030

Mary Crass
, Head of Institutional Relations
and Summit, ITF

Michal Shinwell
, Policy Analyst, Statistics
and Data Directorate, OECD


  • Session 3 - Differentiated environmental impacts on women’s and men’s health and well-being

Tatiana Santos
, Policy Manager for Chemicals & Nanotechnology, EEB

Markku Tervahauta
, Director General,
National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland


  • Session 4 - Sustainable and gender-inclusive urbanisation, settlements and transport infrastructure

Armin Wagner
, Head of Sector Project
“Sustainable Mobility”, GIZ, Germany


  • Session 5 - Gender-specific consumption patterns, behavioural insights, and circular economy

Wilda Yanti
, Secretary General,
Indonesian Waste Bank Association


  • Session 6.1 - Biodiversity, agriculture, fisheries: Changing economic opportunities for women and men

Concepcion Blanco Aguado
, Head of Sustainable Finance Solutions, BBVA Microfinance Foundation

Fleur Newman
, Gender Affairs Officer,
UN Climate Change Secretariat


  • Session 6.2 - Greening energy and ensuring a just transition for men and women

Vu Thuy Dzung
, Ministry of Natural Resources
and Environment, Vietnam

Sama Bilbao y Leon
, Head of Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics, NEA


  • Session 7 - Environmental justice and empowering women and youth 



Photobook of the event


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