Testing of chemicals

Series on Testing and Assessment: Other (e.g., Pesticide residue chemistry, biocides efficacy, miscellaneous)


No 279: Guidance document on Residues in Rotational Crops

No 204: Guidance document for single laboratory validation of quantitative analytical methods – Guidance used in support of pre-and-post-registration data requirements for plant protection and biocidal products

No 202: Guidance document for quantitative method for evaluating antibacterial activity of porous and non-porous antibacterial treated materials

No 187: Guidance document on quantitative methods for evaluating the activity of microbicides used on hard non-porous surfaces

No 186: Guidance document on the testing of dfficacy of baits, for indoor use, against garden ants

No 183: Guidance document on assays for testing the efficacy of baits against cockroaches

No 170: Guidance document for demonstrating efficacy of pool and spa disinfectants and field testing (also Series on Biocides No. 4)

No 167: Crosswalk of harmonized U.S. - Canada industrial function and consumer and commercial product categories with EU chemical product and article categories

No 164: Second Edition Guidance document on crop field trials (Annex)

No 154: Validation report: Validation of efficacy methods for antimicrobials used on hard surfaces: Part I, Part II

No 112: The 2007 OECD list of high production volume chemicals

No 99: Comparison between OECD test guidelines and ISO standards in the areas of exotoxicology and health effects

No 96: Guidance document on magnitude of pesticide residues in processed commodities

No 72: Guidance document on pesticide residue analytical methods

No 64: Guidance document on overview of residue chemistry studies (also Series on Pesticides No 32) (as revised in 2009)

No 63: Guidance document on the definition of residue (also Series on Pesticides No 31) (as revised in 2009)

No 48: New chemical assessment comparisons and implications for work sharing

No 44: Descriptions of selected key generic terms used in chemical hazard/risk assessment

No 8: Report of OECD workshop on sharing information about new industrial chemical assessment

No 1: Guidance document for the development of OECD guidelines for testing of chemicals (as revised in 2009)


The following monographs are available in paper only. To request a copy please send an email to [email protected]:

ENV Monograph No 35: A survey of new chemicals notification procedures in OECD Member Countries  

ENV Monograph No 27: Compendium of environmental exposure assessment methods for chemicals

ENV Monograph No 17: The use of industry category documents in source assessment of chemicals

ENV Monograph No 14: Final report of the expert group on model forms of agreement for the exchange of confidential data on chemicals




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