Testing of chemicals

Section 4: Health Effects


important notice

The draft Test Guidelines are not part of Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD); consult with national authorities before using the draft Test Guidelines.

NEW DEADLINE for comments

*For Draft Detailed Review Paper (DRP) on Pathway Signalling please click on this link *


Deadline for comments: 16 July 2021

Draft Test Guideline on the Mammalian Erythrocyte Pig-a Gene Mutation Assay


Deadline for comments: 01 March 2021

Draft TG 406 on Skin Sensitisation


Deadline for comments: 23 February 2021

Draft OECD Test Guideline on Reconstructed Human Epidermis Phototoxicity (RhE PT) 


Deadline for comments: 5 February 2021

Draft Guideline for Defined Approaches for Skin Sensitisation*

*The supporting document is available upon request to the Secretariat (


Deadline for comment: 5 February 2021

Draft updated TG 494 on the Vitrigel test method for eye hazard potential


Deadline for comments: 5 February 2021

Draft Updated Test Guideline 405 on Eye irritation/Serious Eye Damage


Deadline for comment: 3 February 2021

Draft TG 442C on in chemico skin sensitisation  


Deadline for comment: 4 January 2021

Draft updated Test Guideline 439 on In Vitro Skin Irritation: Reconstructed Human Epidermis Test Methods

Validation study for in vitro skin irritation test with 3D-reconstructed human epidermis model, KeraSkinTM

Report of the peer-review of the validation of KeraSkinTM


Deadline for comment: 1 November 2019

Draft guideline for defined approaches for skin sensitisation 

Draft supporting document for defined approaches for skin sensitisation



further reading

* Comments should be sent to the Secretariat by National Coordinators by the indicated date. Anyone who would like to contribute to a commenting round is invited to contact their National Coordinator beforehand to discuss together of a timeframe for comment submission.




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