Risk management of chemicals

Reports on sustainable chemistry


Promoting the Design, Manufacture, and Use of Environmentally Benign Chemicals Through Sustainable Chemistry (or "Green Chemistry")

OECD Member countries have initiated work on a new project aimed at facilitating the development of environmentally benign chemicals. As a first step, a workshop was held in Venice, Italy (15-17 October, 1998) [ ENV/JM/MONO(99)19] to identify effective techniques and approaches in the field of sustainable chemistry and to identify activities that can further the development and use of sustainable chemistry programmes. This includes such things as recognising and rewarding sustainable chemistry accomplishments; disseminating technical information; promoting the incorporation of sustainable chemistry principles into various levels of chemical education; and promoting the research, discovery and development of innovative sustainable chemistry technologies. Work is underway on each of these approaches.

  • The Role of Government Policy in Supporting the Adoption of Green/Sustainable Chemistry Innovations ENV/JM/MONO(2012)3


6-7 October 2011, Berlin, Germany.

  • Sustainable Chemistry: Evidence on Innovation from Patent Data

No. 25, 2011, ENV/JM/MONO(2011)4



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