Risk management of chemicals



In 1993, OECD published a monograph on lead which describes the environmental and commercial life cycles of lead, and the risk management measures used by Member countries to control exposures. In 1994, a workshop was held in Toronto to examine 10 different lead products and uses, the international dimensions of the risk posed by lead, and the need for further action. Based on the results from this workshop and other discussions, in 1996 OECD Environment Ministers adopted a Declaration on Risk Reduction for Lead to advance national and co-operative efforts to reduce risks from exposure to lead. Implementation of the Declaration is on-going and includes such activities as a joint project with UNEP's Industry and Environment Office to co-ordinate the activities of international organisations and industry to reduce the use of lead in gasoline.


Phasing Lead Out of Gasoline
(UNEP and OECD) (1999) ( PDF )

Older Gasoline Vehicles in Developing Countries and Economies in Transition: Their Importance and the Policy Options for Addressing Them
(UNEP and OECD) (1999) ( PDF )

Lead Risk Management Activities in OECD Member Countries (1993 - 1998)


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