Assessment of chemicals

EXICHEM (Existing Chemicals) Pointer Database Last Updated: 2005


The EXICHEM database, a pointer system on activities on existing chemicals in OECD member countries and other relevant bodies, is no longer revised. It provided information for the OECD member countries on "who was doing what with which chemicals", (e.g. information gathering, testing, evaluation), in order to assist countries to identify opportunities for co-operation on specific activities on existing chemicals and to avoid duplication of work and, as a result, contributing to saving costs and human resources as well as to animal welfare.

Information on the activities on specific chemicals in OECD member countries and other relevant bodies may be found through eChemPortal - The Global Portal to Information on Chemical Substances. eChemPortal is an internet gateway that provides direct free access to information on the properties of chemicals (physical-chemical properties, environmental fate and behaviour, ecotoxicity, toxicity) as well as to hazard and risk assessments. It allows users to simultaneously search multiple databases, most of which are prepared for government chemical review programmes.

The last complete update of EXICHEM (EXICHEM 2004 ) is available in an EXCEL File.

EXICHEM 2004 addition 1 (entries for 2005 and entries not included in previous years) is also available as an EXICHEM 2004 addition 1.

click here for a description of acnoyms contained in EXICHEM. The following table is an example of a  typical record in EXICHEM:

 Country  Germany
 CASNO  107197
 CHEM NAME  Propargyl alcohol
 YEAR  2001
 PUBLICATIONS  Germany; Toxicological Evaluations
 COMMENT  Toxicological Evaluations Vol. 2, 2nd ed. in preparation, published in German (Toxikologische Bewertung Nr. 116)