Assessment of chemicals

Chapter 3. Data Evaluation


Guidance on grouping of chemicals, second edition

The OECD has published the second edition of the guidance on grouping of chemicals. This edition has been augmented with experience and examples encountered in the OECD Cooperative Chemicals Assessment Programme. It also introduces new or revised guidance on elaborating the analogue and category approach, quantitative and qualitative read-across, justifying read-across, and using bioprofiling results for grouping chemicals. (April 2014)


Chapter 3. Data Evaluation (This chapter will be reconsidered after the revision of the OECD Guidance Document on grouping)

3.1 Guidance for Determining the Quality of Data for the SIDS Dossier (Reliability, Relevance and Adequacy) [PDF] (Date of last update: December 2005) 3.2 Guidance on the Grouping of Chemicals [Monograph (2007) 28] (Date of last update: September 2007) 3.3 Guidance for the Use of Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR) in the HPV Chemicals Programme [PDF] (Date of last update: July 2000) 

Chapter 3 contains guidance for evaluating the quality of data (section 3.1) as well as guidance for grouping of substances (section 3.2) and the use of structure-activity relationships (section 3.3). The guidance on grouping is published as a separate monograph, due to its wide-ranging use outside of the OECD Programme.


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