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Technical Report of the OECD Project on Pesticide Aquatic Risk Indicators



This technical report compiles the individual reports written by representatives of six countries who participated in the OECD Pilot Project on Pesticide Aquatic Risk Indicators. The project involved testing of indicators developed in an earlier OECD project. It was carried out between June 1999 and December 2001.

An overview of both the Pilot Project and the earlier indicator project is provided in the Summary Report of the OECD Project on Pesticide Aquatic Risk Indicators .

Pesticide Aquatic Risk Indicators: An examination of the OECD indicators REXTOX and ADSCOR and the Danish indicators FA and LI based on Danish sales data from 1992-2000
Flemming Møhlenberg, DHI - Institute for Water and Environment
Kim Gustavson, DHI - Institute for Water and Environment
Peter B. Sørensen, Danish National Environmental Research Institute

OECD Pesticide Aquatic Risk Indicator Project: French Contribution - (Version Francais)
Thomas Mousseau, French Ministry of Land Management and the Environment

Results of the German Approach with Pesticide Aquatic Risk Indicators REXTOX and ADSCOR
Volkmar Gutsche, German Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry

The Examination of Risk Trends to Aquatic Organisms due to Pesticide Use on Paddy Fields Estimated by the OECD Risk Indicator Models in Japan
Katsuya Sato, Agricultural Chemicals Inspection Station, Japan

Pesticide Aquatic Risk Indicators: Testing the OECD Indicators REXTOX, ADSCOR and SYSCOR and the Norwegian Aquatic Risk Indicator with Estimates of Use Data from Norway Erlend Spikkerud, Norwegian Agricultural Inspection Service

Swiss Final Report on the Validation of OECD Pesticide Aquatic Risk Indicators
Marianne E. Balmer, Swiss Federal Research Station for Fruit-Growing, Viticulture and Horticulture
Silvia Frey, Swiss Federal Institute of Environmental Science and Technology


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