Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Papers from the OECD-FAO-UNEP Workshop on Obsolete Pesticides (Companion to the Workshop Report), Alexandria, Virginia 13-15 September 2000



Baseline Study on the Problem of Obsolete Pesticide Stocks, by Mark Davis, Pesticide Action Network

Preventing the Accumulation of Unwanted Stockpiles of pesticides: A Thought Starter , by Janice Jensen, US Environmental Protection Agency

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Obsolete Pesticide Stocks: A Background Paper , by Caroline Caza and Tina Bailey, Canadian International Development Agency

Guidelines for Aid Agencies on Pest and Pesticide Management (Guideline No. 6), OECD Development Assistance Committee (

FAO Guidelines and Meeting Reports

The Status of Obsolete Pesticides In Botswana and Strategies to Prevent Future Accumulations , by Molatlhegi Modise, Ministry of Agriculture, Botswana

Obsolete Pesticide Stocks in Cameroon , by Daniel Souop, Ingenieur Agronome, MINAGRI/SDPV, Yaounde- Cameroon

Obsolete Chemicals in Central and Eastern Europe: Feasibility Study , Ministry of the Environment, by Piet van de Meer, The Netherlands

Abstracts on Pesticide Studies in China , various authors

East-West Co-operation on the Solutions of Obsolete Pesticides Problems in Central and Eastern Europe East-West Co-operation on the Solutions of Obsolete Pesticides Problems in Central and Eastern Europe , by John Vijgen, The International HCH & Pesticides Association

Obsolete Pesticides in Lesotho , by Tsoanelo Mohai, Ministry of Agriculture

Disposal of Obsolete Pesticide Stocks and Prevention of Their Build-Up: Experiences from Madagascar, by Fidimalala Andriantsihoarana, Interkem, Phytomad, Representing the NGDO Voarisoa Observatoire (3 documents: Madagasacar-exper , Madagascar-ipm , Madagascar-Presentation )

The Status of Obsolete Pesticides in Namibia , by Paulina P. Shiyelekeni, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development

Pesticide Disposal and Survey Project in Punjab Province, Pakistan , by Saleem Mohsan and Rana M. Shafique, Pakistan Department of Agriculture; Wolfgang Schimpf, Punjab Pesticide Disposal Project, German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ); Lawrence Dollimore, Consultant to the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Islamabad

The South African Retrieval Scheme - A Brief History and Future Plans, by Gerhard Verdoorn, Endangered Wildlife Trust Poison Working Group, South Africa (3 documents: south africa_summary ; south africa ; and powerpoint presentation )

Pesticides Management in Swaziland , by Mboni Dlamini. Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Communications, Mbabane

Danish Environmental Assistance , by Erwin van den Eede, Consultant to DANCED

Pilot Pesticide Disposal Project, Results on the Disposal of Obsolete Pesticides (1990-1999) , by Wolfgang Schimpf, GTZ

US AID's Initiatives and Contributions to Pesticide Disposal Programs in Developing Countries , by Yene T. Belayneh, Ph.D., Technical Advisor and Joe Vorgetts, Ph.D., Technical Coordinator

Unwanted Stocks of Hazardous Wastes: Breaking the Vicious Circle , by Pierre Portas, Secretariat of the Basel Convention


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