Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Formats and guidance for biological pesticide data and reviews


The OECD agreed on 2 formats for the submission and evaluation of biological pesticide test data:


Their purpose is to facilitate registration by minimising duplication of effort for both industry and governments. The formats do not, however, require member countires to make the same regulatoru decisions.

They are designed to promote quality and consistency in the "dossiers" of data submissions by pesticide producers when applying for a new registration, and in the "monographs" by the government "monographs" that review the data. Both sets of guidance specify the format to follow and level of information to include.

The OECD guidance helps to ensure that dossiers and monographs are clear and complete, and that information is easy to find. This makes it easier for governments to use each other's pesticide risk evaluations. And it enables pesticide registrants (usually producers) to submit the same dossiers to different governments.

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