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 OECD Series on Testing and Assessment, No. 107: OECD Guidance on the Estimation of Emissions from Wood Preservative-Treated Wood to the Environment

This document is intended to provide guidance to applicants wishing to have particular active substances approved or wood preservative products registered in OECD countries. It provides guidance with respect to the collection, preparation, quality, and reporting of emission data to be submitted to enable an environmental risk assessment of emissions of wood preservatives from treated wood to be performed.

OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals Test No. 313Estimations of Emissions from Preservative - Treated Wood to the Environment, for wood not covered and in contact with fresh water or sea water (for emissions from wood or wooded commodities that are not covered, permanently exposed to wetting and are in contact with the ground, governments may wish to consider the approach described in OECD Guideline No. 313, AWMA or other approaches for generating data)



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