Chemical accident prevention, preparedness and response

IOMC Toolbox for Chemical Accidents


IOMC Toolbox for decision-making in Chemical accidents prevention, preparedness and response

The IOMC Toolbox is a tool enabling countries to identify the most appropriate and efficient actions to solve specific national problems related to chemicals management. It has been developed by the Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC) of which OECD is a member. The toolbox identifies the available IOMC resources that will help the country address the identified national problem(s) or objectives. Special focus is given to identifying simple cost-effective solutions to national chemicals management issues.

A special section in the IOMC toolbox has been developed to address specifically major hazard prevention, preparedness and response. This section aims to provide a support for countries in setting up or improving a chemical accidents prevention, preparedness and response management scheme. 


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