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Other Publications on the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds


Safety Evaluation of Foods Derived by Modern Biotechnology, 1993

Also available: Evaluation de la sécurité des denrées alimentaires issues de la biotechnologie moderne : Concepts et principes, pdf (French)

Aquatic Biotechnology and Food Safety, 1994

Food Safety Evaluation, 1996

Report of the OECD Workshop on the Toxicological and Nutritional Testing of Novel Foods, held in Aussois, France, 1997

Also available: Compte Rendu du Séminaire de l’OCDE sur les Essais Toxicologiques et Nutritionnels des Nouveaux Aliments, 1997, pdf (French)

Documents on Harmonisation of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology and the Safety of Novel Foods and Feeds


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