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LMOs and the Environment: An International Conference, Raleigh-Durham, the United States, 27-30 November 2001


The objective of the Conference was to bring together a diverse group of participants for a constructive dialogue on the underlying science for assessing transgenic organisms in the environment. The emphasis was on transgenic crops because these are the most common applications at the current time. However, other applications were also considered, such as the use of transgenic trees in forestry - and fish in aquaculture. The conference promoted a dialogue between developed and developing countries in order to identify unique assessment needs and experiences of different countries and regions.

Conference Proceedings: Pages 1-182 (PDF ), Pages 183-392 (PDF ).

Final Rapporteurs Report ( PDF) : This report represents the personal interpretation of the Rapporteurs of the Conference concerning the key issues brought out in the Conference. It takes into account comments made on an earlier draft in the final session of the Conference and comments from participants on a subsequent draft report.

Programme ( PDF )


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