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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Slovak Republic 2011


          Slovak Republic‌   

The 2nd review of Slovakia's environmental performance analyses progress in achieving a range of national objectives and international commitments, and presents 35 recommendations on how its performance could be improved. Progress in greening the economy is part of the assessment.

OECD Environmental Performance Reviews provide independent assessments of countries’ progress in achieving their environmental policy objectives in order to help improve individual and collective environmental performance.

Developments since the 2002 Review


Slovakia has undertaken major economic reforms that helped boost economic growth and increase living standards. This rising wealth has generated a range of environmental pressures, including those related to consumption, particularly from transport and waste. Issues reviewed include:

  • Key environmental pressures
  • The framework for environmental and sustainable development
  • Key environmental and sustainable development initiatives

Greening Growth

Environmental policy has contributed to Slovakia’s economic development over the past decade, including environmental measures introduced as part of the fiscal stimulus in response to the global economic and financial crisis. In depth analysis includes:

  • The environment as a driver of economic growth
  • Environmental expenditure and financing
  • Environmentally related taxes
  • Promoting eco-innovation and environment-friendly products
  • Environmental disparities among regions

Implementation of environmental policies

Upon acceding to the EU in 2004, Slovakia made a huge investment to align its environmental regulatory framework with its new obligations as an EU member. There has been a notable evolution in the mix of environmental policy instruments, including regulatory, economic and information-based measures. Issues analysed include:

  • Strengthening the environmental policy mix
  • Promoting environmental democracy
  • Progress in air, water, waste, nature and biodiversity management

International co-operation

Slovakia has made good progress in ratifying and implementing international environmental conventions. This includes transboundary air pollution and watercourses as well as trade related agreements on hazardous substances and endangered species. Issues reviewed include:

  • Bilateral and regional co-operation
  • Transboundary issues
  • Trade and environment
  • Corporate environmental responsibility
  • Nature protection
  • Official development assistance and the environment

Climate change and energy

Slovakia has made progress in meeting the Kyoto Protocol target, reducing the energy intensity of its economy, and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. It faces further challenges to meet its 2020 targets. Reviewed issues include:

  • Greenhouse gas emission performance
  • Policy and institutional framework
  • Market mechanisms and price signals
  • Climate change and energy policy
  • Climate change and transport policy

Agriculture and environment 

Slovakia applied a range of policy measures to address agri-environmental issues since the transition to a market economy was initiated in the 1990s, including the removal of environmental harmful subsidies. The detailed analysis includes:

  • Agriculture and the economy
  • Environmental performance of the agricultural sector
  • Integrating environment into agricultural policy


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