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OECD environmental performance review of France - A positive but demanding assessment


26/092005 - The need to manage pollution, natural resources and biodiversity in France continues to be a major challenge. The OECD Environmental Performance Review of France highlights the effectiveness of the environmental policy pursued by France, but also focuses on the need for better integration of environmental concerns into sectors such as energy, transport and agriculture. The review puts forward 49 recommendations with the aim of strengthening the initiatives under way in the field of sustainable development in France.

Some of the steps recommended to improve environmental protection are as follows:

  • to review taxation policy from an environmental perspective;
  • to reduce the damage caused by excessive use of nitrates and pesticides in agriculture;
  • to reduce the energy intensity of the economy;
  • to implement the measures planned to combat climate change;
  • to integrate environmental concerns into the energy, transport and agriculture sectors;
  • to improve enforcement of the legislation on mountain areas, coasts and landscapes, and of the EU habitats and birds directives at both the national and local level.

The Review’s conclusions recognise the significant results achieved in many areas:

  • the progress made regarding legislation and management in the field of natural and technological risks;
  • the growing awareness of the links between the environment and health and the stronger action being taken in this regard;
  • efficient water management through a basin-level approach;
  • adoption of the Environmental Charter;
  • dynamic international co-operation (for example, in the field of climate change, biodiversity, development assistance and marine issues).

These Conclusions and Recommendations are those of the OECD’s second Environmental Performance Review of France and are part of a regular series of environmental performance reviews conducted by the Organisation for all its Member countries. The report
examines in detail the progress made by France in implementing the OECD Environmental Strategy for the First Decade of the 21st Century, and assesses the extent to which the country has achieved its objectives as set forth both in its national legislation and in international agreements.

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