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Environmental Performance Reviews: Chile (2005) - OECD praises Chile's environmental progress but...


09/05/2005 - A new OECD report on Chile’s environmental performance  recognises significant environmental improvements over the past decade. While the report broadly supports the environmental policies and programmes of the Chilean government, it also urges further efforts to protect the country’s environment and natural resources in the face of rapid economic growth.

The report makes 52 Recommendations to improve the environment, including:

  • Creating an environmental inspectorate and strengthening enforcement.
  • Strengthening and developing the Chilean environmental information system, including environmental indicators, to support government accountability and public information.
  • Adopting a law on the protection of nature and biodiversity.
  • Reviewing the tax system to build in more environmentally-friendly incentives, following examples set in the OECD work on taxation and the environment.
  • Further improving environmental integration in fast-growing primary sectors (mining, tree planting, aquaculture) and in energy, agriculture, and transport sectors.
  • Developing more proactive climate change responses and more environmentally conscious energy strategies.
  • Ensuring convergence with OECD countries environmental standards and practices.

The report recognises Chile’s major environmental achievements aimed at meeting both human health and international concerns, including:

  • Progress in reducing air emissions from the mega sources of the copper industry and in air quality in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago.
  • Successful reforms aimed at providing water services to households.
  • Innovative use of economic instruments, such as trading mechanisms for air emissions and water rights.
  • International environmental commitments in the context of free trade agreements and multilateral environmental agreements.

This publication is part of the OECD’s regular series of Environmental Performance Reviews of OECD member countries and selected partner countries. The review was jointly conducted by OECD and the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The publication will be released at a Seminar organised by Chilean Authorities and hosted by the UN ECLAC on 10 May 2005 in Santiago. Journalists are invited to contact Helen Fisher in OECD Media-relations at or phone: (33 1) 45 24 80 97, to find out more about the Press Conference and the publication.

* Report done by OECD in co-operation with UN ECLAC.